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Be on the lookout for your 2023 tax documents

As we file your tax returns this year, we would appreciate your help in making sure we have everything we need to do the best job for you. Please come to our office prepared. All your documents must be printed out, removed from their envelopes, and organized. For security purposes, we cannot accept any external thumb drives. To maximize the security of our clients’ sensitive data, our clientele does not have access to the ZSL Tax Wi-Fi network. So, any documents you need to access online should be printed prior to your arrival to our office. We value your time; by following ZSL Tax’s standard procedures, you will help us in completing your appointment as efficiently as possible.  

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Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sunday: Closed

January 29th

Tax season will officially starts January 29th. Make sure to book your appointment now. We made things easy for our clients by giving them access to our calendar 24/7.

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